Terry Tillman lives on purpose. He is a Scout. In business, people talk about pushing the edge; in Terry's business, he just goes there. He's known for going the distance; that showed up in years of running marathons. And he likes to get a high altitude perspective on the issues and opportunities Life offers. He talks about this a lot in the professional and personal development seminars he designs and leads. And in the inspirational talks he gives. It makes sense that he's also a pilot.

When the Berlin wall came down, he went there the next day to photograph the graffiti and history, to talk to people, to find out what mattered to them, to touch the rubble that had been a prison. Then he brought photographs and their stories about hope and possibilities, about living life in freedom, back into his work. His international best-selling book and photo journalistic essay, “The Writings on the Wall”, tells this story.

His friends know he is a scout and adventurer--Like when he was one of the first ten non-Russians to visit and work in Omsk, Siberia (a center of Soviet Union military manufacturing) in 74 years just as Communism was falling. They flew (snuck) in on Military cargo planes. Omsk was a closed city (meaning residents didn’t leave and unauthorized people didn’t enter). He was invited to conduct Leadership Seminars there for Military Generals and Industry bosses.

Every summer, he takes off his suit, turns off the electronic gear, and heads for the wilderness. There, the work and play of 22/7 Company continues with a band of journeyers, adventurers, and yes, other people who scout uncharted places, inside and out. Terry’s the kind of guy who spends his time climbing two kinds of mountains...the big ones that live in places where the weather can change in a minute; the kind that demand reliable ropes and gear, and promise a wild rush when you get to the top. And, the other kind, the very ancient ones. These are the mountains you can't see, the ones that live inside your soul. In between treks, he teaches other people how to climb and how to know the majesty of the territory within.

The entrepreneurial Terry creates. He's made a lot of money, lost a lot of money, and always says its been an amazing ride no matter how the math came out or which side of that equation he's been on. He knows how to live in this world, and he knows how to get outside of this place.

At 15, it was manufacturing track hurdles, with internationally famous track coach Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike. Terry was always a top, “A”, student, and curious to learn about life. He was President of the honor society, quarterback on the football team and class Vice-President.

Then, a degree in Economics and Finance from Stanford University. In the '60's, he was part of the times changing...one of the Grammy award winning New Christy Minstrels band (yep, he was their original banjo player). He still hums to himself when he thinks. A sequence of business ventures over the last 30 years included membership in the Million Dollar Real Estate Sales Club, a real estate development, construction and sales firm, ownership in TV stations, a satellite cable business, and a video production company.

He now calls himself a recovering businessman. He turned in his Type A behavior in exchange for a life of service, Spiritual development, coaching, facilitating the growth of individuals and organizations and supporting people to what they say they want. He’s very good at that.

Today, through his 22/7 company, he conducts seminars and speaks internationally for groups of 50 – 15,000 participants, produces, designs and facilitates leadership trainings for organizations and the general public, and coaches executives all over the world—91 countries so far. Over 150,000 people have shared experiences and partnered with Terry in experiential, transformational learning. Terry's mission is to support and mentor people in producing the results they want, discovering their value, and realizing their dreams.

Graduates of Terry’s work often say, “I now know, from experience, that I can do anything!” He asks a lot of questions, like, “What would you be doing in your life if you were not afraid?” “If you looked back from 90 years old near the end of your life, is there anything you would regret or change?” and "Who are you and why are you here?" Clients get answers.

He holds a Master’s Certification in a Neuro-Linguistic Programming, having been trained by John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP. He holds a private pilot's license, has been a white water rafting guide, a ski instructor, and a marathon runner. He’s a member of the Transformational Leadership Council (from which came the movie “The Secret”). He has two grown daughters, who he says are two of his best friends. He has held offices with his local Rotary Club and is active in many community and church service projects.

And he still asks, “I wonder what I’m going to do when I grow up?”

 Scott Coady

Scott is a master executive coach, OD consultant, strategic and executive team facilitator, workshop leader and keynote speaker. Scott has dedicated his life to learning, embodying and applying emerging technologies from the areas of somatics, Philosophy, linguistics, athletics, integral studies, experiential and action learning. His groundbreaking work centers on transformational leadership, team development and organizational culture change.

Recently Scott worked with the leadership team of a billion dollar business to transform the company’s culture and results. The business saw a 70%increase in net profits after tax and a dramatic increase in employee engagement in just ten months.

Scott has garnered and impressive record of accomplishment in executive development. He co-designed and co-leads NASA’s award-winning leadership and culture change program, Leadership Alchemy. Other clients include Argentine Telecom, AT&T Wireless, Capital One Financial, Cargill, Cisco Systems, HSBC Bank, McKinsey & Co., Microsoft, National City Bank, and the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe).

As a keynote speaker, Scott has delivered speeches for the Association for Training and Development chapters, the International Coaching Federation’s annual international convention, HSBC’s annual conference, the Lance Armstrong’s annual fundraising donor appreciation gala, Santa Barbara Human Resources Association, and PCMA Professional Coaches and Mentors Association chapters.

Scott Coady is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Embodied Wisdom, a transformational education center located in Ojai, California committed to personal and leadership development, team effectiveness and organizational culture change.

A third generation Californian, Scott received his BA in Business Administration from Cal Lutheran University, and MBA from Pepperdine University. His continuing education includes extensive study with Dr. Fernando Flores, Julio Olalla and Dr. Richard Stress Heckler. He was certified as a coach by Newfield Network in 1992, and as a Master Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute in 2002. Scot has been an adjunct professor at George Mason University, Virginia where he co-led a graduate level course entitled Coaching and Organizational Learning, and has been a Mentor Coach and Program Facilitator for the Newfield Network’s coaching certification and graduate program.

Scott is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Personal experiences enrich Scott’s teaching, consulting and keynote speaking. He got his first taste of performance teamwork and leadership as a navigator in the U.S. Navy’s Assault Craft Unit One, performing “insertions” and “extractions” for the US Navy’s S.E.A.L. Teams. Participation is competitive sports had provided further insights. In 1996 Scott set the record for the flying 200-meter time trial set at the National Sports Center Velodrome, and he competed at the World Championships. Scott has raised over $250,000 for non-profit causes using a film he made about his adventure following the entire Tour de France from start to finish.

Scott resides in the Ojai Valley, near Santa Barbara, with his wife Kathleen. His passions include surfing, bicycle racing, digital filmmaking and adventure travel.

A richly diverse background in education and service-based leadership is one of David
Bransky's unique gifts.

A keen sense of humor and a deep compassion for each person's process provides
a signature style in David's leadership development and team building seminars. Through
this work he has touched the lives of thousand of adults, teens, and children throughout
the United States, Australia, England and Middle East since 1977. He facilitated trainings
for President Clinton's Summer of Service and consulted to the Corporation for National
Service on the launch of AmeriCorps. As a former director of Outward Bound's Southern
California operations, David linked Outward Bound's existing education strategies with
both schools and organizations.

He has presented at numerous national conferences, including the Points of Light Foundation
and Young President's Organizations's International University. Whether working with corporate leaders, school superintendents, or children David encourages and elicits each person's vision
of the best in themselves, while nurturing their experience and expression of the greatest
group good. David holds Master's Degrees in Education and Theology. He lives in Ojai,
California with his wife Amy, and daughter Heather, and an apparently
ever-increasing menagerie.

A mediator and recovering lawyer with a U.S. Supreme Court win under her belt, is a
specialist in collaborative leadership and team development. She is the founder and
director of Higher Ground, an international network of training and development specialists
whose mission is to inspire and facilitate higher levels of communication, cooperation,
creativity and trust in and among people and their organizations. Martha has been
providing training, consulting, and coaching for businesses and individuals since 1979.
She also facilitates personal growth seminars for Insight Educational Institute, and
facilitation and leadership training for Interaction Associates. She has taught at the
University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston at Clear Lake, and in numerous professional development programs throughout the country. She combines her diverse
experience and expertise to develop unique and impactful opportunities for people to
learn to work together more effectively. A lifelong student of the workings of the human
heart, mind and spirit, Martha has helped people find higher ground throughout the
United States and in Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Michael Hansen is the founder and co-director of the Whidbey Institute Challenge
Ropes Course. He has many years experience as a ropes course facilitator, trainer
and consultant, as well as a hiking guide and downhill ski instructor. Through his gentle
but firm facilitation style Michael creates a very safe and supportive environment for
personal and group exploration. One of his main goals is to help people move outside
of their "comfort zone", providing the opportunity to live life on a deeper and more
engaging level. Michael is a second generation Washingtonian who lives on Whidbey
Island where he designed and built his own home. A certified mediator with the Dispute
Resolution Center of Island County, Michael holds Bachelor's Degrees in Communications
and Psychology and is a Graduate of Washington State University Master Facilitator
Training Program. Michael has worked with thousands of people throughout the United
States, Europe and South America.

Life Purpose: Connecting people in the world who can learn from and lift
each other.
Nationality - American
Residence - Sweden

Will holds a BA in psychology and a Masters of Business Administration from
Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Will's first career was in the field
of mountain rescue and emergency medicine. He is the founding director of
Rutland, Vermont's paramedic ambulance service and member of the Board of
Directors while residing in Vermont. His ten years of experience in the
field and in training emergency response teams provides two outstanding

* True "crisis" management Leadership and Team building experience.
* Ability to establish rapport and trust with individuals in times of
serious physical and medical challenges.

These qualities are readily transferred into private business Leadership and
Consulting facilitation and services.

Will retired from the field of emergency care in 1984 founding his own
business management consulting firm in Vermont. When the iron curtain fell
he was drawn to Eastern Europe having family roots in the Ukraine. In June of
1995 Will accepted a one-year contract with USAID's Citizens Democracy Corps
manager of their business program in Sofia, Bulgaria. He liquidated his
assets in the United States and has been working and residing in Europe
providing personal leadership seminars for the public and for private
business teams.

Since leaving for Bulgaria in 1995, Will has worked and lived in Bulgaria,
Ireland, and most recently Sweden. On the 4th of July 1998 Will married
Christina Gisselberg of Umeå Sweden where he has been involved in training
and consulting, providing Personal Leadership seminars - Insight seminars
and experiential based leadership programs for business groups in Europe.

Stephen McGhee, Owner of McGhee & Associates has spent the last ten years researching
and implementing programs relating to leadership and organizational change. He has
consulted thousands of individuals across the United States in diverse organizations such
as: MCI Worldcom, Georgia Pacific, Virginia Power, Microsoft, Johns Manville and Navy
Federal Credit Union. Viewed as an authority on leadership, Stephen believes that the
acceleration of change is an opportunity for exponential growth for individuals, teams,
and organizations. He believes that when individuals focus on what is working, people
can change the culture of their companies to be more resilient, productive, and enthusiastic.

Consistently in demand for his experience as an authentic, engaging speaker, he is
particularly adept at building a high degree of rapport with participants and facilitating
lasting individual change. Stephen has a simple and powerful approach to
organizational issues.

Stephen McGhee is a regular keynote speaker on the subject of leadership and has
presented at numerous National Conferences and Associations. He has authored a
book, which is dedicated to individuals becoming more effective leaders.

Stephen has a strong background in psychology and finance which offers a nice blend
between results and business environment. He has management and leadership
experience at the executive level, which makes him particularly effective. He currently
sits on the Board of Directors for two organizations which offers a viable area for
application. Stephen lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Sally.

Marcello holds the vision of communities and companies living with more joy and results.
People who come aligned with their minds and hearts may achieve more, and do more.
Based on his own learning he brings to practice that the best way to have knowledge
is when you experience something. Marcello's consulting activities  are  currently  based
in Brazil. He's  partnering with  22/7 Company and Terry Tillman.

Although many people achieve their goals, very few experience fulfillment which depends
directly on the quality of our inner experience. Mary Ann Somerville is an international
consultant, educator and seminar leader. Since 1978 she has assisted over 30,000 people throughout the world in creating greater harmony and fulfillment in their lives while
achieving their personal and professional goals. Devoted to the power of the human
"spirit", Mary Ann's work focuses on assisting individuals in bringing about breakthroughs
in the quality of their lives from the inside out.

Her work has taken her to Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and Russia as well
as the United States. She assisted in the facilitation of a two day discussion of Privatization
with the Prime Minister of Poland's executive committee and the World Bank and led a
workshop for the Drucker Foundation in South America. Mary Ann has served as the
Director of Training, the National Enrollment Director and the East Coast co-Director of
Insight Seminars, a non-profit, volunteer based international organization. She has
also developed training programs for Americorps volunteers, the 4-H National Council
and participated in the design and facilitation of the Process Toward Peace for the Institute
of Individual and World peace in the U.S., England and Spain. She continues to facilitate
and support the expansion of the Gift of the Heart Seminar, a project she co-designed,
which is sponsored for people with life-challenging illness, their families and professionals
in the field.

Dedicated to transformative education, Mary Ann co-founded, one of the first Parent
Cooperative Schools in the United States. She co-founded and directed for seven years
a center for health and healing in Philadelphia. She holds a B.A. in Psychology, a Master's
in Theology and was honored in Who's Who in American Colleges in the field of education
and human development. She holds a Master Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, having been trained by John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP. She serves on the
Advisory Board of the Heartfelt Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the
healing power of service.

Mary Ann lives in California, where she enjoy skiing and golf. She is also active in many community and church service projects.

Greg Stebbins is a master at improving the greatest asset of any business--its people.
With more than 30 years of sales and business experience, he applies a wealth of
knowledge, know how, and high impact ideas to the challenges his clients bring to him.
The breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience in

• sales training,
• competency and skill assessment,
• retention strategies,
• organization transformation, and
• management development

allow him to help organizations create resourceful and effective solutions.

Greg actually started selling at the age of six, and the charge he got from his success
made a lasting impression on him (He bought a plastic canteen so he could sell water
from it, for 5¢ a sip, to thirsty kids on the baseball diamond who didn't want to go the
distance to the water fountain). When he began his career, he immediately established
himself as a sales leader. He was rookie of the year and top sales producer for Grubb &
Ellis Real Estate. Gaining his way to manager and Vice President there and at the Haines company, Greg created innovative tools to assist him in coaching and building productive
sales teams. He took both companies from break-even and loss to top producing offices
with healthy profit margins.

As a consultant, Greg has participated in and designed numerous corporate sales,
management and human resource development programs. Over 10,000 sales professionals
have benefited from Greg's expertise and training, and he has facilitated strategic planning, annual retreats, and leadership development for dozens of organizations, large and small,
profit and not-for-profit. Greg’s overall knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and solid work
ethic make him a valuable resource for any sales organization or company that would
like to enhance its overall performance.

Greg has developed his dynamic approach through real-life experience and dedicated
research. He is particularly effective because he practices what he preaches. In addition,
he brings with him an MBA in Finance from USC and a Doctorate from Pepperdine's School
of Education and Psychology. He has served on the Board of Directors of The Educare
Foundation, University of Santa Monica and Santa Monica Institute, and has been listed
in Who's Who in the World for more than a decade.
Catherine De Wulf’s compassion, vulnerability, honesty and empathy create a safe place
for clients to work with her at deep levels. She has an intuitive ability to reflect and draw out
the best in people. No doubt she matured this skill as a single mother raising four children.
Catherine formalized this ability by graduating with a degree in marketing and communication. And she has continued this path of learning and growth steadily up to today.

She also brings a successful history of diverse business and leadership experience to her
consulting work:

She designed and opened 5 retail stores in California

Worked as an Organizational Business consultant

Was Education Department Manager, and Communication Manager for a Marineland and
leisure center

Marketing and Communication Manager for a B to B Food Business

Catherine is fluent in three languages and currently lives in her native France.
Sally McGhee offers the creativity and inspiration behind all of the productivity programs at the company. Sally's expertise ranges from individual coaching to group seminars and keynote speeches. She travels extensively throughout the world leading seminars, training and certifying
facilitators, and cultivating new relationships and partnerships. Sally has dedicated the past
twenty years to designing and facilitating programs on personal and organizational productivity and has worked with a variety of successful consulting companies in the U.S. and in Europe.
She has a joyful sense of humor and a loving supportive heart. Sally was raised in England,
and currently lives in Denver with husband Stephen.
As a leader and pioneer in the field of experiential adventure-based learning since 1980,
Gail Martin-Mauser has led thousands of individuals and teams in breakthrough discoveries
in business and professional environments worldwide. She is one of the first consultants
to use the adventure-based learning model for executive leadership and multicultural team development. She is known for bringing transformational, life-changing and innovative
solutions to a multitude of professional issues.

Gail’s extensive experience in working with the aerospace industry has resulted in frequent requests for her strategic planning and team development programs. As a designer of the
TRW Effective Leadership Program, (ELP) she has conducted this program several times
a year for over 12 years. Other projects include trainings for Boeing Aircraft Company,
Loral Systems and members of the International Space Station team and NASA.

Gail’s love of the open road results in her creating a variety of “outback” adventure-based experiences all over the world, including a 2 year leadership development course for young leaders in El Salvador, desert “walkabout” adventures for youth-at-risk and a political
awareness raising workshop for women in Portugal.

Her belief is that teams that experience exhilarating challenges and develop their deep love
and care for each other are then truly prepared to do anything they desire successfully!  

When not rigging the trees with ropes and cables, Gail will be found at the nearest
deserted beach.

Marcos Cajina is a marvelous balance of playful and professional. He has been a tier 1 high calibre employee at Ford Motor Company for over 10 years before leaving the organization in 2001 after 14 years of successful service. During this time at Ford he became the youngest NSC Human Resource Manager for the Iberian Peninsula and was assigned to the European Headquarter HHRR activity at the age of 27.

After graduating from The American School of Switzerland with summa cum laude and one academic and sport award under his belt, he resumed studying and earned his MBA at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and Diploma on Strategic Leadership at The London Business School. After two years at J. Walter Thompson and Ted Bates, he quit his job and went on to study a Master in Human Resources Strategic Management.

Raised in a family of diplomants, Marcos has extensively travelled around the world and has visited over 40 countries. Marcos is founder and president of Renewal™, a Spanish based international firm of leaders developing leaders. Renewal™ researchs, designs, facilitates and measures educational programmes that allow delegates to grow and thrive towards excellence. Fun, laughter and impeccability are the cornerstones of what he does.

Marcos also enjoys being a pioneer. He had been the Spanish youngest black belt in Judo, first European to be certified in the BTSA Neuroscience Evaluation, first European being certified by Franklin Covey as a Coach, one of the first PADI divemasters in Spain, monitor of Tai Chi in 1986 and only European introduced to the martial art of Waraku (peace). Marcos has undergone meditation or martial art practices under great masters in China, Japan, Spain, USA, Chile, England and Switzerland.

Dedicated to the study of the Processes Toward Peace, Marcos is the current representative for the Institute of Individual and World peace in Spain and holds a Master´s degree in Theology serving his community through the pro bono facilitation of peace seminars.

He is happily married to Moira, a beautiful and strong character Irish woman.


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