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This might be a little long, but by the end I believe you'll be glad you read it : )


From before the time I became involved with large group seminars in 1977 I wanted to contribute. I had a dream of sharing with others something I loved. I loved the experiential education, personal development, heartfelt learning and loving connection I was involved with through in-room seminars. I loved the outdoors and nature. I loved mountains and rivers, adventure, exploring and discovery. I thought, what if we took this educational method out into the best classroom of all, nature? We did. I began conducting our Idaho Wilderness Experience in the mid 1980’s. It worked, really well, as you may have heard from others.


I love the Wilderness Experience. I love the camaraderie, laughter, play, connection, challenge and learning, and wonderful, people who show up as well as the fresh air, clear skies, pure clear waters, stunning views and magnificent environment.


And I love that I get to return each summer. After all these years I still enjoy it as much as the first trips—the Wilderness Experience is still the highlight of my year. I experience being “more me” there than at any other time and place.




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Time out / Perspective and Balance

I've found it very important to my balance, perspective and soul to give myself that annual 10 days away from

  • emails,
  • phone calls,
  • to-do lists,
  • faxes,
  • computers,
  • voice mails,
  • schedules,
  • meetings,
  • deadlines,
  • projects,
  • cell phones,
  • appointments,
  • clocks,
  • technology,
  • routine,
  • things and stuff…


From the wilderness I get to review my life, where I am in it and what's important (and what's not). From that place I see my priorities clearly, make good choices and gain the enthusiasm to move on them.


At the end of each trip participants are at peace, centered and clear and more enthusiastic. I often hear, “I'm coming back.” Many do. And many who said they wanted to haven't. Many of those in that group tell me they would love to return to the experience if I ever do one in another location.

The Search

I heard that. So, for years I have looked for another location that would meet or exceed what is offered in the Sawtooth Wilderness and Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. Throughout my years of travels I looked in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Siberia…


Until last year I didn't find the location that would meet all my criteria as well as Idaho. It had to be remote, yet accessible via air travel with resort-quality at-least-four-star-lodging nearby. I wanted awe-inspiring beauty and true Wilderness. It needed to be safe for inexperienced adventurers, yet challenging for any level of experience and participant. I wanted mountains and river. I was looking for extraordinary elements and ingredients that made the location unique and special.








Well, I finally found it!! In Patagonia (Argentina)! We did an inaugural Adventure Travel Wilderness Experience Seminar there in February 2004. You're among the first to be invited to the next one. The 20 available spaces will fill on a first come first serve basis.


In 2002 Evelyn Hoter showed up on the Idaho August Wilderness Experience trip. She is from Argentina and has a loving, adventurous energetic and enthusiastic nature. I also found out that she is one who had a big dream, pursued it and fulfilled it. That is inspiring to me. She and her husband developed an enchanted and enchanting luxury guest ranch, named Peuma Hue, in the Northern Patagonian Andes.


Evelyn invited me to visit. I did that in January 2003 (Summer in Argentina where Peuma Hue is located). Several friends joined me—Vance Jorgenson, Celeste Krueger and Lynn Fischer. Our experience far exceeded my expectations! We had an outstanding adventure and deep, moving experiences. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.






A Place of Dreams












Nestled within the grounds of the first and largest national park in Argentina, the Nahuel Huapi National Park , in the Northern Patagonia Lake District , Peuma Hue´s 500 acres of wilderness are located at the southern end of Gutiérrez Lake, only 35 minutes south from the town of Bariloche and 45 minutes from its international airport. Bariloche is the gateway to the northern Patagonian Andes and an internationally renowned mountain resort, famous for its wonderful skiing in winter and its unique beauty in spring, summer and fall.


Here's how Evelyn describes it, “Peuma Hue… ‘Place of Dreams’ in native Mapuche language. Long before we stepped on its grounds we had this dream of running a place where natural beauty would be the background for a healthy, peaceful and meaningful life. Peuma Hue´s beauty is striking and varied wherever you look. To the north and in front of the main house there is a long, deep glacial valley filled by the blue waters of Gutiérrez Lake and the unique emerald-green to turquoise waters of Peuma Hue bay. To the west and close to the house, the rugged granite walls of the D´Agostini peak drop steep into the valley, filling the area with the energy only sacred places provide. To the east, the rolling hills of an ancient range soothe souls with harmony and balance. To the south, the Continental Divide valley, divides waters into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.”  

Check out Peuma Hue’s web site where you can see photos and get and idea of the uncommon specialness:

< http://www.peuma-hue.com/ >

Especially check out the “Location”, “The Dream”, “Facilities”, and “Photogallery” pages.







Patagonia Wilderness Adventure








I decided to do a Wilderness Experience in Patagonia, in February 2004. It was different from the Idaho Wilderness Experience. And similar. It was an outstanding success, and another reminder why I continue to do this work. The experience, and more importantly the people who showed up, were wonderful! The experiences were once again deep, moving, rich, touching and in some cases life changing. The laughter, joy, loving, support, honesty, vulnerability, play, fun and more were abundant. Many of the participants said they wanted to return in 2005.

So, we are scheduling two more in 2005:

February 14 - 23

February 28 - March 9


You are among the first to receive this information and to be invited. We have room for only 20 participants. (There are more of details at the end of this email).

In 2003 when Vance, Celeste, Lynn and I visited Evelyn we stayed at the guest ranch and took trips from there to scout out the territory. I was planning on duplicating our Idaho trip, just in a different location. I thought I was looking for places we could do the same activities. But that changed as I discovered more of what this area uniquely offered.


First of all, in the midst of this heavenly environment, the ranch is sublime. Evelyn and her husband Miguel have done a masterful job building it. The buildings are elegant log construction. The furnishings were made in the wood and metal shops on the property. Each building is inviting, warm, homey and tasteful. And the staff is outstanding, warm and friendly—family.


Each morning we would awake to be served another sample of the tasteful local cuisine. Evelyn would describe various options for the day and we’d decide. Each day she showed us a different area and aspect of her dreamland:










































One day we went rafting on the Manso River. Our guides were the first ever to navigate this river, only "yesterday" in 1991. It was beautiful with fun roller coaster big wave rapids surprising us around rock-walled bends in the river. In between were deep calm spots where we could jump in and float. Whee!



There is no end of terrific wilderness hikes in the area. We hiked into glaciers (including the unusual “black glacier”). There is a waterfall on the property, which we hiked up to. And a short drive from the ranch we hiked into another spectacular waterfall. We also did a summit ascent with breathtaking views constant.



Two other days we went for horseback rides. There are many varied choices right nearby the ranch. I'm not experienced with horses. So I got a great opportunity to stretch my comfort zone, and learn more about me. Horses seem to communicate with the unconscious and reflect back where the rider’s consciousness and energy is.



There is a ropes course on the property (which we will be expanding into even more events). We ran ourselves through it. As many times as I've conducted and participated in ropes events, I still had a fun and deep learning experience.



One day we went into El Boson, an artist community that is more a time than a place. I felt like I returned to the 60’s – 70’s hippie era. There was an open market with crafts for sale.


On the mountain adjacent to the town there is a hike up to one of the most unusual places I've ever visited. It’s truly an enchanted forest, el Bosque Tallado. Some years ago an artist carved a sculpture in a fallen tree there. Another did the same. And then another. And now today there are perhaps 30 different sculptures all carved in the dead and fallen trees. I've never seen anything like it. I was fascinated.


Another night we attended a medieval music play put on by a local group which has researched and built authentic instruments from the period. You'll never see anything else like this either. We were transported in time.

One day we visited a shaman who is a world-renowned geologist. We had such a deep connection with him and his wife that we invited them to dinner our last night.



A husband and wife on the Peuma Hue staff love tango dancing. They teach it. One night they taught us. It was one of the most fun nights of our stay, and most personally valuable. It turned into a deep, cathartic process for several of us, cleansing old childhood and adolescent blocked energy.

We also had spare time to hang out and do things locally like:



There is a beautiful chapel/sanctuary on the property that is ideal for peace and renewal.



The ranch is right on Gutiérrez Lake-excellent for kayaking, which we did.



Mountain bikes are available and trails are abundant.






























What It Is!















This Patagonia Wilderness Adventure is a combination of our Idaho Wilderness Experience, an Adventure Travel trip, a self-development seminar and a holiday. We will be participating in all I mentioned above, plus a few more surprises.


Six of the nights we will be staying in the first class accommodations at Peuma Hue. If you haven't. already, take a look at their web site

< http://www.peuma-hue.com/ >


Soon I plan to have photos and a short video from our trip on my web site. I’ll let you know when.


Two days and one night we will be on the Manso River, camping and rafting and site-seeing and swimming and playing and singing and laughing and…


Three days and two nights we will be in the spectacular Patagonia mountains, hiking into a magnicent glaciated valley and a high mountain lake.

People all over the world dream of visiting Patagonia and the Andes. We've found a grand five-star way to do that and for a lower tuition than in Idaho or anywhere else I've considered. We’re able to offer such a good value because Argentina recently experienced a currency devaluation, and we get the benefit of that.










Dates & Tuition

Dates & Tuition

The seminar dates are:

February 14– 23, 2005

February 28 - March 9, 2005

This is the heart of summer in Argentina, and the ideal time for our visit in terms of weather. Evelyn tells me that it’s the end of the bug and horse fly season too.


The full tuition is $3,950 . Send in your (non-refundable) $750 deposit now to reserve a place. Full payments are due no later than January 21st.  (And of course you are eligible for the bonus saving.) The seminar will be limited to 20 participants.


Argentina recently experienced currency devaluation. As a result prices there are reduced and we are able to pass along the saving to you.

Group Discount

Save some money

We are offering a Bonus Savings

Plan for friends and family : For groups

of three or more the tuition is reduced

to $3,650 each.


You will also receive some surprise free

mementos of your trip.


When we receive your deposit, we will

forward further information on equipment,

transportation and other logistics.


Go ahead, go for it! You'll be so happy

you did!




To Register













The End

To Register

For your convenience, you may register for The Patagonia Wilderness Adventure via email, phone, fax or postal mail.


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If you have questions, or just want to say hello, call Terry at +1 310 435-2705, or Lynne at 818 763-2888.


I look forward to seeing you in Patagonia.


In the Spirit of adventure, learning, loving and fun,


The End


P.S. For the rest of the tail/tale, see you in Patagonia.